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Our team of certified Lead by Greatness coaches are available to work with you one-on-one as you embark on your personal journey to explore how character can power your success.

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David Lapin    David Lapin, CEO of Lapin International, was trained in coaching and graphology by Hyam Lifschitz, disciple of Jean Piaget, renowned Swiss psychologist, philosopher and author of The Equilibration of Cognitive Structures. Depending on his schedule, he is available for a limited number of executive coaching assignments. [more]
Desi Rosenfield    Desi has headed research teams, led consulting and coaching engagements for a variety of large international corporations bringing her own brand of passionate energy to the projects. She has coached many individuals within Lapin International’s clients both formally and informally for nearly 20 years.[more]
Clint Parry    Clint Parry’s coaching and consulting background includes working with over 300 individuals and businesses. For over five years, Clint’s coaching franchise, part of the world’s largest business coaching organization, was the largest practice in clients and total revenue for his region.[more]
Norman Victor    Norman Victor completed his masters in Psychology. His thesis focused on how human development can impact overall management development in the work environment. He continued his work in exploring the ‘self’ via the modalities of voice, speech, breath, alexander, suzuki, meditation, psychoanalysis, and mind-body connection work. In his one on one coaching, Norman helps his clients ascending the organizational hierarchy, to hone their human skills needed to reach the summit of their potential.
Adena Philips    Adena studied philosophy and organizational communication before entering the consulting sphere. Her client base ranges from private sector executives to government officials, non-profit activists and groups facing conflict. Before joining the team of Lapin International coaches, Adena worked at Deloitte Consulting where she served as local office champion for training and development. Prior to that, she worked for international government agencies focusing on community development and conflict resolution. Adena travels internationally to coach and facilitate workshops. She has presented at conferences in the US, Europe, and the Middle East on topics including women’s leadership, human rights, and interfaith dialogue. Adena is currently pursuing an MBA in leadership at NYU Stern School of Management.

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